About Us

Highly Recommended Edibles is dedicated to producing the best quality edible in Canada and also supplying you with the very best high Grade  Cannabis available in North America

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are able to help you with all your inquiries, and we are committed to working with you to get the best results from your edibles and marijuana usage.

All of our cannabis is absolutely top-quality. We offer only the best to our customers, and they can be assured that it will always be the best we can afford. Having top-quality cannabis means that Canadians can order weed online to relax and know that they won’t have any deleterious effects from our products. Our suppliers have over 35 years of growing experience.
We offer energetic cannabis strains (Sativa-dominant) for creative day time smoking as well as relaxing cannabis strains (Indica dominant) for evening that offers pain relieve and better sleep.

✔️100% Delivery Guarantee! (only applies to signature required mail-order packages)

 ✔️100% weight on scale Guarantee!

✔️2 months 0% potency loss Guaranteed* (if packaged and kept under the temp. of 10 °C).

✔️Top Cannabis Quality in North America! 

✔️No Pesticides Guarantee!

When ordering from our online store, you can be assured that your reasons will remain your own, and your order will remain private. Our privacy policy covers the basics, such as your personal details and your financial ones, but it also covers your order history and uploaded files. Anybody who comes to us in search of edibles or marijuana in its various forms will have absolute privacy guaranteed. This means that no matter why they need the edibles or weed, or what types they are buying, they will receive complete privacy regarding it. We can best help people when we know what they need, and we have found that they are more likely to open to us when they know that privacy is guaranteed. Privacy also extends to our delivery policy – we do our best to be discreet and send out parcels and packages in non-descriptive boxes, which give no indication of the contents. We keep our packages very discrete and we follow all Canada Post Cannabis Mail Regulations (packaging, mailing limits and more).

We have a clear policy on shipping – we do not ship to underage Canadians. We check Gov. Picture ID with legal address and valid expiration date to verify your account with us. At deliveries you will have to present the same ID upon receiving your mail order cannabis package as the one you used to verify your account with. 

 Canadians choose to buy pot online at our shop because it is the best and most reliable online weed store in Canada. We offer wonderful and knowledgeable staff (25 years of experience) for all our customers. We offer best weed and edibles for sale online to Canadians who are of a legal age only (19+)